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Minimalist Bushcraft Kit

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Can You Go Out and Practice Bushcraft With Minimalist Bushcraft Kit?

Being able to survive with a minimalist bushcraft kit is an excellent skill to practice, but you should know what you are doing before going out in the wild with the bare minimum equipment.

If you can survive with the minimal kit, you will have an easy time when you have your full bushcraft kit with you at your disposal. Below we will go over some of the points involved with trying out camping with minimal equipment to see if it is something you may want to try out.

What’s Considered a Minimalist Bushcraft Kit?

Well, in short, it’s the bare minimum you will need to sustain yourself in the woods for a given amount of time. Most minimalist camps don’t tend to be long term camps, usually just quick overnight camps.

It can be great for times when you want to go out for a quick overnight camp with minimal effort and fuss. Below I will list some items you should think about packing in your minimalist bushcraft kit to see you through your trip. Here is a list of not quite everything you would need but most of the main things.

  • Some type of shelter such as a bivvy bag or a tarp
    DD Hammocks – DD Tarp 3×3 – Olive Green -…
    • Stormproof: Incredibly strong yet light polyester material with a…
    • Multiple set up options: 19 reinforced attachment points around…
    • Lightweight and compact: Weighing in at only 790g (excl. pegs and…
    • Included for a quick set-up: Tarp 3×3 , 4 Pegs, 4 Guy Ropes,…

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  • Sleeping bag + Mat 
  • A way to make fire
    PSKOOK Fire Starter Kit Bushcraft Fire Steel…
    • FERRO FLINT: Made of high effective ferrocerium rod. Fits all…
    • MULTI-USE: This is a magnesium fire starter stick. And the sharp…
    • DOUBLE TUBE WHISTLE: Made of Aluminum Alloy to provide premium…
    • POCKET BELLOW: A practical, pocket-sized accessory that makes…
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  • Cooking equipment inc something to boil and store water
  • A means to purify water
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  • Cutting tools a knife and a Folding saw

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  • Cordage
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    • 【Exceptional Strength】 Features a tough polypropylene outer…
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    • 【Weather Resistant】 Designed to withstand harsh weather…
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  • Food
  • Clothing that is fitting for the conditions you are going out in or may occur

I’m New to Bushcraft, Should I Start With a Minimalist Bushcraft Kit?

Being new to bushcraft, you may think of it as an excellent way to get into it, and in some respects, a new bushcrafter is using a minimalist kit. Having just gotten into it, you will not have every bit of gear out there.

Starting with a minimalist bushcraft kit is not really for the beginner as it makes things a little more tricky and in some cases can be dangerous. The minimalist kit is more for people who have been into bushcraft for a while and have a broad skill set that makes some equipment almost redundant and want a bit more of a challenge. 

Where Should I Try Out Using Minimal Kit?

My advice here would be to go out to an area you have camped multiple times beforehand and are very familiar with that way you have a good idea of your surroundings and know where everything is such as water sources.

Once you have a few minimalist camps under your belt and are used to your stripped-out kit spread your wings a little bit. The stripped-out equipment may just open up camps that were a little too far out of range to lug your usual full kit.

Why Do People Use Minimalist Kit?

For some people, it may be the convenience of being able to get to camp location easily. Some will often pack a minimalist bushcraft kit in the car before they go to work then when 5 pm comes around it’s off to the woods.

Others may like to be able to camp on a pushbike or maybe even a motorcycle so it’s not practical to pack everything that they may pack if getting to camp by car or going for more extended periods. 

Are There Any Benefits to Using Minimal Kit?

Aside from saving weight and bulk on your way to camp to test out using the minimal kit you may find you can keep the weight-saving more long term. When you get used to not having two knives and four pans and the kitchen sink with you, it’s easy to realise what you can safely remove from your everyday bushcraft kit.

It’s all too easy to keep packing out your Bergen with stuff; for the most part, you never end up using it.

Is a Minimalist Kit the Same as a Lightweight Kit?

The short answer to that is no because with a minimal kit you are just trying to get away with the bare minimum number of items you take with you. Now a lightweight kit, on the other hand, is a whole different ball game.

With a lightweight kit, you will probably have to part ways with some money. You would buy titanium cookware instead of steel or maybe pack a 3 season bag instead of a 4 to save a few grams. The list is endless on this one, and some do take it to the extreme.

Less Kit Will Make You a Better Bushcrafter!

If you go out there with minimal kit and get stuck into building shelters and making fires and all other manner of bushcraft tasks, given time you will come to rely less on the equipment and pick up more skills.

For instance, you may learn you can do the same job with your knife you have always done with your axe. Have a play around, try new stuff and different ways of doing things and you may surprise yourself with what you learn.

Ok, I’m Going to Have a Go Minimal, but Will I Be Safe?

If you do decide you want to have a go at this style of camping, please try to go about it safely. Don’t just think I’m going minimal so I will leave my coat at home. That’s not what it’s about; It’s more about the tools or gear you are trying to get by without. Don’t take chances with clothing; it’s just not worth it. Remember food and water also water may not be available on your site or you may not have a way to purify it. Don’t take chances.

Wrap Up

So minimalist bushcraft kit some love it some hate it and yes it’s not for everyone, but it’s something you should try at some point at least once, test yourself a bit. You never know you might end up loving it. 

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