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Braided Fishing Line

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What Is Braided Fishing Line?

A braided fishing line is made up of hundreds of superfine strands of Dyneema, dacron, spectra braided together to form one single super fine and super strong fishing line. For us, as anglers, This is great as it allows us to load more line onto our reels compared to more traditional monofilament lines.

Why Should I Use a Braided Fishing Line?

There can be many advantages to using braided fishing line, depending on the situation. If you are into pike fishing with lures, I would recommend switching over to a braided line, or just about any lure fishing for that matter.

The reason to make the switch is simple, the braided line has almost zero stretch, so you are in better contact with your lure at all times and also when you strike you are in contact as soon as you lift your rod!. With a standard monofilament, you would get a lot of stretch before contact with the fish up to around 25%.

Can I Use a Braided Line for Saltwater Fishing?

The short answer is yes, you can!. Most braided lines on the market are excellent for saltwater fishing be sure to pick up the correct breaking strain for the type of fishing you intend to do and try to buy the larger spools. Chances are you are not fishing for tiddlers in the sea! here is a great one on amazon

Does the Color of the Braided Fishing Line Matter?

The answer to that is no. It does not matter. It can, however, matter to the angler as it can help you see what you are doing. For example, in carp fishing when using a marker rod, we tend to like using a yellow braid. It tends to stand out on the water and make our task a little easier.

Is Braided Line Stronger Than Monofilament Line?

in some ways yes it is, such as abrasion resistance. But if we are just talking pound for pound strength then both braid and mono of the same braking strain should both break at the same weight rating. braid has a smaller diameter for the same braking strain, so a 20lb mono maybe 0.43, and a 20lb braided line maybe 0.23. One thing braids can suffer from is weak knot strength as such knots can sometimes slip, tho most manufacturers supply a recommended knot on their packaging that is tried and tested with their product.

Do Fish See Braided Line?

There are no magic lines out there that disappear as soon as they hit the water sorry to break that one to you!. So yes fish can see braided line, the best line for almost disappearing is fluorocarbon which turns close to invisible once in the water.

How Long Does Braided Line Last?

No easy answer to give here as it depends on how it’s used and how often it is used. I tend to change my braid every two years, tho it can last way longer. Quick tip for you here when your braid has been on for two years if you have a spare spool for your reel or an extra reel wind that braid onto it. Doing this will leave you with almost brand new braid from the bottom of your reel now at the top ready to be used and should see you get another year or two out of the same braid.

Do You Need a Leader With Braided Line?

For the most part, yes you should use a leader with a braided line, again this depends on what you are doing with it.

In carp fishing when using a marker rod with a lead to find a spot to fish, you would attach the lead straight to the braid. Any knocks and vibrations from dragging the lead round the lake bed are felt in the rod.

This gives you an idea of when you have found a gravel patch or maybe a silt patch. If you were lure fishing for pike then yes 100% put on a leader.

Can You Use Braided Fishing Line on a Spinning Reel?

Yes, braid is excellent for spinning as again it puts you in more direct contact with your lure and aids in hooking the fish due to having almost no stretch. Just make sure to use a leader.

Will Braid Help Me Cast Further?

A good 90% of casting is down to technique, but having the correct kit for the job does help. If you can cast 100 yards now with your mono line, upgrading to a braided line may add 20 to 30 yards to your cast. Due to the braid’s lower diameter, it goes through the rings on the rod much easier there for adding yards to your cast. One tip for casting with braid is to buy a finger stall take a look here on Amazon as the fine diameter line can and will cut your finger on the cast if you are trying to push the distance.

How to Cut Braided Fishing Line?

Cutting braid can be tricky if you do not have the correct scissors as it can cause it to fray. Braid scissors usually have a serrated edge to grip the braid to make the cut. Even slightly blunt scissors will make a mess of your braid. That is not to say it’s hard to cut; it’s just best to have the correct scissors for the job.

The Best Knot for Braid to Monofilament?

An Albright knot is most commonly used to join braid to monofilament this can be useful for attaching your backing line.

Does Braided Fishing Line Float?

You can buy both floating and sinking braids; it just depends on what you need it for, If you are fishing with surface lures a floating braid is a massive advantage as it keeps your line as far out of the fishes sight as possible. If you were fishing a spinner, you would want a sinking braid. Multiple spools pre-loaded with both are handy.

Does Braided Line Rot?

No braid does not rot as it is made from modern synthetic materials that are highly resistant to rotting. it may lose some of its colour but that is just the dyes fading over time with use.

Wrap It Up

So there it is 14 of the most common questions about braided fishing line answered. I hope this has cleared up a few things around using braid in your fishing and spurred you on to give it a try!. Tight lines.

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